Robinson Solutions provides coaching and HR consulting services with a values-based, results-oriented approach. 


I believe that everyone is inherently capable, resourceful, creative and whole. There are times, however when people and organizations need help identifying obstacles, envisioning a path forward and executing on strategies.


Let's work together to:

  • Identify and solve problems that are keeping you from success
  • Create strategies that will make the most of the talent and abilities available to you
  • Acheive your goals and vision




Consulting Services


Robinson Solutions can help you identify and solve your company's talent related issues. I specialize in staffing strategies, culture alignment, performance management, and career development. You'll find more information on my HR consulting offerings here.



Coaching Services

Working with individuals in coaching relationships, I provide support, guidance, accountability and resources to help people acheive their goals and dreams. You'll find more information about my coaching philosophy and practice here.